Bodie’s World, Video Discussions & More!

Week 15 was about tying up loose ends over the last couple of weeks.   This week we were tasked with concentrating on our final projects and characters:’

I used sevearl social media accounts for my character Preston “Bodie,”Broadus

* Tumblr

*Twitter (Bodie)

*Linked In

*Bodie Theme Song Instrumental

*Bodie Facebook


The avenue in which I truly enjoyed communicating with other Wire characters such as Stringer Bell, Jay Landsman, tweet_Bodieand Professor Groom.   This activity was really fun and interactive.




The assignments in which we were tasked this week with had to be worth 8 stars.

I tried to focus on the “Mind of Bodie,” this week so much so I picked specific assignments which really detailed what my character would have chosen on an individual basis.

These assignments were broken up over three sections:

Visual : 3 1/2 stars.

Sticky Notes by Bodie Assignment which I detailed what sticky notes Bodie may potentially leave for himself around the house.  I thought that this was a fun creative assignment that could be used a lot more or another medium with other characters from various genres.

stickey notes


*The next section I covered was a visual assignment.  Bodie seemed as if he would be more of the entrepeneriaul type.  Therefore in thinking further into his character I figured that Bodie would be the ambitious type.   More specifically I invented a business card for Bodie as if he were following in Stringer Bell’s footsteps with the Create a Business Card Assignment

construction card


The last assignment which I did was worth 1 1/2 stars it was an audio assignment.   The goal of this assignment was to choose a song (of course from Bodie’s) point of view without the lyrics that was representative of him.   I choose Kanye West’s “Through the Wire.”

Bodie Down Time


Video Discussions

This week I also tied up some more loose ends by doing three of my video discussions:

*Season 4 Episode 9 Discussion

*Season 4 Episode 13 “Final Grades”

*Season 4 Episode 10 “Misgivings”


These video discussions went quite well.  Although I only got to actually link one video due to some recording issues however it was a good way to add closure to the end of the semester by talking to some classmates about various interpretations of The Wire episodes.


The best part of this week was the interaction between my group mates and classmates.  I had a good time sharing things and “role playing,” for a bit with everybody.  I think that developing connections whether in a fictional capacity or reality helps to bring out the creative spark in the project.

In addition, the spreadsheet for this entire project was also lucrative and important.  Without any of the wire  representatives coming together , there could not be an alternate Wire world.   Overall I would have to say that this week was pretty productive!


Last but not least….this weeks daily create I did was to caption a group of penguins.


Penguins v.s. Aflack Duck




Bodie Down Time

The next assignment which I did for my character Bodie was what would Bodie listen to on his down time.

The assignment was entitled Favorite Song.   The object of this assignment was to create an audio piece from the perspective of my wire character.   The song which I choose to do I recorded on my SoundCloud


To me Kanye West’s through the wire song is representative of the struggles in which Bodie and other characters from The Wire have gone through.

Bodie’s in the Money $$

So in thinking about the last formal assignments I wanted to complete for my character Mr. Preseton “Bodie” Broadus.”  Over the last week I had my character apply to college for his associates degree in Business Management.  I got this idea from a Visual Assignment from the DS106 assignment bank entitled Create Your Own Business Card which was worth 3 1/2 stars.

IN thinking about my character’s mind I thought that if Bodie were to get out of the drug business and wanted to do something more lucrative.  He would have taken his earnings and started his own business.  Bodie seemed like the entrepreneurial type and as much time as he spent underneath Stringer Bell’s wing….  Therefore I got the idea to create  a business card for Bodie.  While Bodie was rough around the edges, I believe that he has potential.


construction card



Peguins Have Enemies too!

So for today’s daily create we were tasked with creating a caption for a generic penguin picture.  I decided to make this comedic and to start a rivalry between the Penguins and the Afflack duck by adding a funny blurb/caption.


I thought that this was a good closing to one of my daily creates.  These have really kept me inspired and on task.


Sticky Notes for Bodie

The assignment which I completed for my character Bodie.   This assignment was titled the Sticky Notes and it was worth 3 1/2 stars.   The object of this assignment was to determine what sticky notes our characters would leave for themselves around the house.  To make matters easy I used the Windows 7 online sticky notes application to write some sticky notes.  Based on the episodes which I have seen I detailed some sticky notes about several things about Bodie.

I detailed several things:

-Bodie’s Grandmother and what to pick her up to eat , considering the fact that Bodie was raised by his grandmother.

In addition,  I also wrote up something’s such as remember to give “Poot,” the drop and obviously other things linked to Bodies character’s job dealings and overall character.

stickey notes

Late Night Talk #3: Season 4 Episode 9

The last and final episode for which I did a video discussion for was the Season 4 Episode 9 which detailed certain events such as the shake down of Bodie , Lil’Kevin and Poot in the beginning of the scenes.   I presented this in my talks with my group this past Thursday during our 9:30 p.m. meeting.

photo 1

I thought that this scene was pretty realistic.  It showed the different levels of corruption in the police force further and it also demonstrated the ways in which the endless cycle of harassment and violence taking place in Baltimore City.   The next scene involves Omar and Bunk after Bunk springs Omar from jail.      photo 4


  This scene details how tied into Baltimore so many characters are for example.  In this scene Bunk makes Omar promised that he is not going to kill anyone anymore.   He even says in a sarcastic way in this scene that he has a good mind to send Omar on a trip up to New York and out of Baltimore so that he cannot cause anymore trouble. Omar responds by saying…..”Man gotta go with what he know.”    It is clear that Omar will never leave Baltimore and more than likely die in Baltimore.”            The link for our video discussion is below, I thought that we hashed out quite a few themes which were prevalent in this episode. Attached here is the video link of our discussion.



Late Night Discussions of Season 4: Episode 13 “Final Grades”

During this evening we had a video discussion on Season 4 Episode 13 with John Meadows, Carmela Mitchell, Jeremy Hillard, David Mercer, and myself Jonathan Brazelton.

Character Development

I thought that the group made a lot of good points regarding the character development in regards to the younger group of characters on The Wire such as Randy, Micheal, Dukie, and Namond.

One of our group members discussed how  Dukie appeared to be taking on the role of the new

“Bubbles” as he receded deeper into the drug world, this becomes evident during the scene where Prez observes Dukie buying some drugs on the corner.

Also as Jeremy pointed out- the character of Michael  changed a lot as well evolving from a normal middle school young man to a cold hearted killer who is now employed by Marlo’s crew under the tutelage of Chris Partlow’s character.

It was interesting to see how the different story lines diverged.  The group did a good job of addressing this.

Emotions Run High

To say the least, this episode was filled with lots of emotion.  You see Bubbles hitting rock bottom after he kills his friend with the cyanide pill by accident and turns himself into the police for it.  Eventually at the police station he tries to hang himself with his own belt.


photo 3

Carmela did a good job of pointing out how Bubbles character is usually up-beat and bubbly however in this particular episode you really see just how vulnerable and empathetic Bubbles is to other people and the guilt and shame he feels for what happens to his friend.


Death of Bodie

Lastly all the group members did a really good job emphasizing on the death of Bodie.  The group made a good connection in respect to how Bodie was the last man standing of the “old Barksdale,” organization.  His death in this essence symbolized the end of an old crew and introduction of a new era and  rise of a new leader –Marlo.   As David pointed out…it was almost like Bodie had to die to make way for this new era. A lot of good connections were made here.

Another good observation made by John Meadows about Bodie was that he pointed out from earlier episodes that he hated Bodie after he killed Wallace but in this episode you sort of feel sorry for Bodie being kilt.   I shared this same sentiment in that we watched Bodie come up under Stringer Bell from Season 1 and he sort of dies defending his corner, (the last shred of what is left of the Barksdale organization.  It’s a pretty epic death with lots of significance!


photo 1

To The Group

Big shout out to John who sent out the Google invites and organized the video meeting.   Thanks for a good discussion guys.   It was late when we met and I know we all were tired but we got it done!






Misgivings and Good Conversation – Season 4 Episode 10

Tonight I had a really good chat with my first group members.   My group members included Jessica Reingold, Nicky Memita, Nick Randall.   We were all tasked with discussing the Season 4 Episode 10 entitled “Misgivings.”

Initially we opened the discussion with a couple of screen shots in respect to the opening scenes of the episodes.

I initially commented that several of the scenes detailing police brutality at the beginning of the episode with the young boy and Officer Morris.    ( A picture of the scene of what I showed to my group is below).

fng brk

Again, as I think I should point out The Wire does a good job of detailing the other side of people’s professions and different aspects of lie.   As we have seen there are “good,” drug dealers and those who are trying to make it in this world.   In respect to this, there is also an opposite aspect of “bad cop,” syndrome as detailed in the opening scenes.

The second example and theme which we explored was the relationship between Bubbles and Herc.

Bubbles & Herc:

Another interesting Scene where Herc is apologizing to Bubbles for leaving him to get beat up. He pretty much just drove right by the assault. I think at that moment bubble start to realize that was really his friend and he was just being used for the “dirty work”


I found it kind of insulting that he tried to bribe him with chicken and grape soda ???  I felt as if Herc was using Bubbles and at this point and time in Bubbles’ life he notices how he’s been used and he doesn’t like it.  He even comments how he just gets chicken while everyone is coming up besides him.


photo 3

My other group members were very insightful and they caught wind of this as well.  They also commented how Bubbles changes in personality were noted.  In addition, we also referenced the previous episode where Bubbles calls upon Herc to help him out with a separate street problem but is ignored and beaten as a result of Herc’s absence.  Bubbles even confronts Herc on this in this episode,  a comment which was also brought up by my group.


In addition, we also talked about the color schemes and trends in Episode 10.   We talked how the lighting was very dark during the politicians (Corrupt) meetings with Mayor Ross as if they were trying to conceal something (Which they were doing some back alley deals) and the corruption with Senator Davis.   I thought that this was very insightful and everyone did a good job collaborating and commenting.  I couldn’t ask for a better group! :)



Mashing up down to The Wire

This week, week 13 and 14 was chalk full of creative activities:

Daily Creates:

I really buckled down on the daily creates :

- I did an inspirational daily create with the creative commons which encouraged other to

-Break the Mold and to be different

- My next one I doubled dipped and per our requirement in the syllabus I created two Daily Create prompts and submitted them Double Dosage

My Last Daily Create was very fun as it required me to create my own

computer generated message.


daily create computer error

After all this was said and done, I did a few mash up assignments which totaled 8 1/2 stars.

– – For the It’s Popeyes Time Mash Up I wanted to mash-up a commercial with something that wouldn’t normally be paired with it.  I also got a few people who liked it big shout out to Syd and Imran.   I wanted to add some comedic elements to it.

– Second, for my Wire based mash-up assignment I choose the Video Game cover mash-up.  This I wanted it to be even more obvious that it was a mash-up.  So I created a world through the Video game cover where Omar Little from the Wire meets Middle Earth.


I then did two specific assignments form the Point of View of my character Preston Bodie Broadus:

The two assignments included a self reflection of the character through his eyes and a writing assignment where he had to create a digital will so to speak (I choose to do this as a blog entry).



The above reflective picture represents how Bodie may have seen himself as he was so entrenched in the street like he slowly started to loose himself which eventually contributed to his death.

The second assignment was a last will and testament for my character.

Bodie Broadus – Last Will and Testament

I didn’t think that my character would have had a last will and testament.  I also believe that if possible he would have blogged about it and archived it in a digital identity.

For these purposes I have also created a Twitter and Facebook character page.

-Twitter -

- Facebook

As far as commenting I did some this go around, it was cool to see how many other Ds106 people tried to bring out their character like Imran, Carmella

daily create computer error


whose chipmunk post was pretty hilarious.


Compatibility Error Daily Create

Today’s daily create asked us to create a daily create where you had to create your own computer message.   The medium in which I used to assist me in generating a real life computer message was through the website Atom Smasher.    The method in which I created this was simple, I choose a funny avatar from their website and type in the text I wanted into their computer message wizard.


After this I took a screen shot of it and posted it to my flicker account:


daily create computer error

I call this the compatibility error creation.