Feeling Inspired….Audio Assignment

Audio Assignment:  Feeling Inspired:

The audio assignment which I choose to do was the Remix a Song with Some Speech worth 4 stars assignment where I choose to use Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream speech,”  whose audio  I got from Mp3Skull by doing a search for this, in conjunction with the rapper and artist Kanye West

Jesus Walks,” song instrumental.

After this I paid a special visit to an old friend,  Audacity software on my computer.

I then copied and pasted the two MP3’s on the same template and by using my sound cloud uploaded them.

Creative Process

In terms of the creative process I had to be very careful in the ways which I cut, edited and pasted the different snippets of the songs.  For some of the MLK speech I had to cut of what he said so I could blend in the lyrics “Jesus walks with me..” to make it more  rhythmic and polished.

Towards the end of the track the MLK speech actually cut off about 50 seconds too soon, so to cover some of the audio dead space, I repeated MLK saying I have a dream.

I think that both of these pieces complimented one another and were inspirational.  One is about uplifting you spiritually while one is challenging you to think about equality as a means to an end to end a negative disease such as racism.  Otherwise I am pretty proud of my Jesus Walks/MLK mash up.



  1. Jon,

    I loved this mix. You definitely put some time into timing it so that key sounds of Jesus Walks could be heard even with the bellowing, attention demanding voice of Dr. King is too heard. Nice look.

  2. Ien says:

    Wow. That actually worked WAY better than I expected it would. I was initially nervous at first about mixing MLK with Kanye West, but man this sounds like something you’d hear for the trailer of a MLK biopic. Nice work!

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