In The Mind of McNulty

The next assignment which I completed was worth 3 1/2 stars.   The Wire Magazine Design Assignment called for us to investigate in the inside and outside of either ourselves or the mind of someone elsewhere.  The individual which I decided to investigate was McNulty.   The picture I choose was found on a Google Image Search it had an interesting quote on it and I incorporated it into my design because I thought it screamed pure McNulty.




          In completing the design I began to think about the background which would look best and which represents an urban setting.   I goggled a brick wall background which I used for the foundation of my design.


The next steps that I took were to first open the brick wall background on a white background, then I opened the picture of McNulty as a second layer by opening it separately and then copying and pasting it onto the brick background.  I then used the opaque tool to fade out McNulty to make him appear as if he was a apart of the bricks. I then used the crop tool to cut the picture into three parts and adjusted them aside from one another.  My goal in this was to make the picture of McNulty look like bricks themselves.


In respect to the text, I used the text box and the wrap tool to wrap the text around the picture.  I wanted to be as detailed as possible when adding the wording to the text.

Further Design Process:

In addition to all this to give it an authentic feel I Googled a Baltimore Police Badge and inserted it into the upper right hand corner for design aesthetic purposes.  I then used the opaque tool to fade this into the picture a little and then I used the blur tool to blue the edges and make it authentic.  Prior to doing this I had to open the file as usual and actually use the lasso tool to cut it out and then copy and paste it onto the main background layer.


This process took me about two hours and the most creative part of it was doing this as I went.  As the design began to come together I began to think about different things about how I could perfect it and what I could add to make it look more authentic.

The design which I came up with was  What’s Inside McNulty:






  1. Paul says:

    Something to keep in mind when designing is legibility. The color of the “McNulty” line blends into the background when it should stand out. The same thing happens where the shadows under the bricks pass through the type. When you put type over images, you should keep this in mind.
    That being said, I have to say Bravo! for the effort you put into figuring out Photoshop and puting this together.

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