Inkling’s of A Radio Show

So this week’s Radio Show assignment required us to work with our group mates to try to hash out our roles and the focal points of our radio shows. There are several lessons I learned in regards to this:

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 I have learned that the process towards good communication is not always a smooth transition.  Also being the minority in any group situation is not always a good thing.   In addition, you don’t always have a chance in an online class to inspect people’s personalities and to measure them with your own personal work ethics.


As I soon realized, e-mail is not a good medium for discussing creative differences.   E-mail can often be a confusing medium especially if the focus is not always clear to all members of the group.


Proposed Group Focus (Per Group Members) - The focus of our radio show is based on what is going on in the city of Baltimore and the country at the time of The Wire as the central theme.

Radio Bumper  – From what was established from the e-mails is as a group we have made progress as to whom will be doing the radio bumper entitled, “Give Us 25 mins, We’ll Give you Baltimore” which will be my group member Melinda.


Other group members such as Kisha and Desa were doing segments on a crime news show and national news as it relates to  The Wire.

My Role:

It was purposed that each group member per Professor Groom’s advice was to do a segment which should last at least 6 mins.   My proposed segment was business “news,” and how business in terms of the streets relates to  The Wire as a whole.


Bottom line is if something is unclear to come back to it and above all give 100% even if differences still exist because in each group we all have a role and job to preform at the end of the day.

I believe that it has come clear to me that my definition or understanding of a  thought process or an idea is much different from others.  It is clear that everyone interprets things in different ways.

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