London-Bridge Techno

Song Mash-Up Assignment Worth 3 1/2 stars

For my last audio assignment I had to mash up two distinct songs.  I thought what better place to start then children’s nursery rhymes and songs.  So I picked the most up beat song which was

London Bridge is Falling Down (original song)

The song above war originally too slow and I needed it to match the techno song “Satisfaction,” by the techno artist Benny Benassi.

I retrieved both songs from MP3 skull by doing a search.

Editing Process:

For both of these songs I had to do some editing.  First I shortened the MP3 download for “Satisfaction,” because London bridge rhyme is nothing but repetitive language and lyrics as is the techno beat that I choose.    In addition, the original London Bridge song I downloaded was too slow and too folksy sounding so to make it funky, I sped up the speed of the song in Audacity editing software to give it a chipmunk like sound to it and to match the techno music. Thus resulting in London Bridge – Techno Version.


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