My first Video Assignment was… Child’s Play!

For my first video assignment, I choose the assignment entitled Return to the Silent Era this assignment was worth 4 1/2 stars.   I enjoyed this one because it allowed me to get creative and choose a throw back movie, one of my horror favorites “Child’s Play 2.”


It is amazing to how reducing the sound on a scary video like this was more effective.

I choose the horror genre because I believe most horror movie trailers are meant to scare you with images and not necessarily sound.  Therefore, I thought what could be more terrifying than a killer doll possessed by an evil human spirit!! (Can’t go wrong right???)


I began my battle by using the software called Clip Grab.  This tool allowed me to search for the trailer of my choice on youtube then, I selected the clip of the video I wanted, and the software through Clip Grab allowed me to convert and save the file to my desktop.  Once in there I managed to edit and paste and add captions as well as take out the color of the video with the movie maker black and white effect.  I took out the sound by going to the “Volume Edit option” in the upper left hand corner of the “Edit Video” Tools and I moved the volume bar all the way down to mute.. This allowed for my sound to be taken out.

Once I was done with this process I had to save it as an .MP4 file by clicking on the  “Save as YouTube,” format which cut the amount of time I had to make a video in half!


After saving my video to my desktop, I was able to upload it to my YouTube Account…this giving me the finished product below:

Child’s Play 2: Silent Horror Redux


  1. Jim Groom says:


    I love Child’s Play, one of those unforgettable 80s horror films.

    One of the details that works really well for a silent trailer are intertitles-the old school film titles they used to include on silent films. One of the silent film trailers for #ds106 went quasi-viral a year or two ago for Back to the Future, and it provides a great example of how intertitles heighten the effect:

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