Ruthless…Orignal Wire Poem


The second audio assignment which I had to do was to recite an original poem through this audio assignment with 3 1/2 stars.  I decided to go raw on this one as I found that audio may detract from what my original statement intended to be during my audio recording.   This was my own personal artistic choice.

I wrote this poem based on the struggles we have seen each character go through during each wire episode, as living the life of a drug dealer is not so glorified.

I looked back at some previous episodes from the Wire to become inspired.   I wrote this based on the constant dangers each character faces in The Wire as being shot at and death lurking around the corner is a harsh yet sad reality in this awesome show.   Please take a listen to my poem –Ruthless.


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  1. Nicky Memita says:

    This poem fits The Wire perfectly and you recited it so well! Not sure what it would’ve sounded like with audio, but I think you made a good choice to exclude the audio. It would take away from the artistic depth of your poem. Great work!

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