Shadow of Mordor: Omar’s Revenge – Mash-Up


From the Inner Streets of Baltimore…To the Hilltops of the shire.    Middle Earth is in trouble and Frodo and his buddies have called in the big guns…they needed a hero but what they got was Omar.     I choose to alter the newest release for the Lord of the Rings Franchise:  Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

This assignment was taken from the mash-up entitled Video Game Cover Mash Up this assignment was worth 4 stars.   This is my Wire themed mash up.  I choose this video game cover because I felt it was representative of Omar and the lone wolf-esque type theme.  I thought it was befitting of Omar’s character because we often find him in these scenes/ set ups where he’s going all in and it’s sort of a mission impossible type of scheme.


Process :

For this process I used Microsoft paint and I combined two pictures with the main background being the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor cover.  I thought that the concept was unique thus giving it a genuine mash-up feeling.  I felt that never in a million years would you see The Wire’s character Omar in this fantasy world of dragons, orcs, elvs, wizards and warriors!

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