Song for Your Soul

Visual Assignment #2:


One word and you know who I am talking about.  This week’s watching of Season 2 inspired me to do a little foreshadowing because I binged watched some of Season 2 and have made it to episode six of The Wire entitled “All Prologue.”     As we watched Season 1 we saw more of this character and his personality and his own personal “Code,” evolve.  We saw him loose one of his loved ones, his boyfriend–Brandon.  As a result he want’s revenge…even so what better way to get revenge then get on the stand and put away those responsible.  Let’s just say this clip is a foreshadowing of Omar v.s. Stringer Bell his crew.

This assignment is a visual inspired by the My Favorite Lyric Visual Assignment taken from the DS106 assignment bank.

For a few of the discussions, we have seen colors used as a metaphor and as a visual I tried to incorporate that into my picture along with lyrics from the Season 1 Wire intro theme.   I created this in paint by opening the picture which I found on Google “images” and I then added a text box with the song lyrics and then used the fill button to add a red background–red of courses signifying blood and death.



 The red fill background is self explanatory in a sense, here I am explaining (through the picture) of why Omar has taken the stand  in court and the reason is , it is for a life for a life. The guy who killed his boyfriend Brandon for Brandon whom Omar is mourning.   The song lyrics are from the Season 1 theme song by The Blind Alabama Boys.  The lyrics “when you walk the garden, you better watch yo back..” I think is retrospective of the harsh realities of the drug game.  It demonstrates the need for one to be vigilant of enemies and the mentality of kill or get killed.

Take a listen and really feel out the lyrics for yourself as it relates to The Wire.


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