The Three Inspires~ !

This week we were encouraged by the Professors to go back and go through some of the DS106 work and to figure out how we can become inspired.

Inspire #1

The first inspirational piece of work that I recommended was Imran’s Dedication to His Mom mom.  I can’t emphasize enough on how important it is do produce art with meaning.    I recommended this because it came with a good purpose which was in support of a family member and it had a positive message for the fight against breast cancer.  I made sure to comment on this as well as recommend it on the inspire website.


Inspire #2

The second inspire was from @Brumface a.k.a Ms. Lauren Brumfield

I had a chance to take a look at her visual blog on The Wire Banner.  Her creation of a Wire themed collage was very inspirational and professional looking.   The banner encompassed the work which is expected of us here in ds106.


I thought that the collage was very informative also, it held many of the screenshots from the episodes we as a class have watched and if someone who had not seen the Wire before were to look at this they would also be able to get insight as to what exactly the show was about.

Inspire #3

The next inspire was from Ms. Meredith Fierro’s Aladdin Mash-Up Track, this track was put together nicely.   The effects she added in here were so professionally put together that it sounded as if the audio was telling a story itself.  Audio was a big aspect of what we did throughout this course and I especially enjoyed hearing other people’s audio and the ways in which we as students found abilities to edit, chop and create audio’s which reflected our own artistic niches.

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