Wire Video/Audio Commentary 11/4 Tweet Along

The tweet along between commentators George Pelecanos and Joe Chappelle from S03E11 of The Wire.

This episode was climactic for several reasons.    This was one of the major climactic episodes where one of  The Wire’s major characters Stringer Bell is killed.  However, not only for this climactic moment was I intrigued by the commentary but it was also because of the in-depth analysis each of the commentators gave in regards to the directing and through process in regards to the show.

I learned that a lot of times things do not go as planned on the show such as certain scenes such as Bubbles and the conversation with a new character he meets in the ally was supposed to be a daytime shot but as we all know with any major project including film, things do not always work out.

In addition, just as mags_tweet

Pointed out certain things are purposeful such as sounds/effects such as the baby crying which the commentators further commented on as a sign of innocence in peril.  I thought that this comment corresponded rather well with a previous interview from Jen Ralston that we listened to earlier in the semester whose emphasis on reading the scenes and truly listening to audio were imperative in becoming a better audio editor/student.

What was even more so surprising further was the truthfulness in casting of The Wire characters.

For instance many of the Wire’s secondary or extra characters in certain scenes were cast right off of the streets of Baltimore.  I thought that this added to the rawness of the filming of The Wire.


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