SuperStar! When YouTube Get’s Hacked!



So I was feeling inspired and decided to do my first assignment after  a long work week.   My first assignment in which I choose to tackle was the Web Assignment YouTube It Your Way.   This assignment was actually quite entertaining!!!


In terms of videos, I choose an old American Idol auditioning video.  As you can imagine not everyone deserves to be on that show.  So what I did was I altered a bad auditioning video i.e. Nashville Worst American Idol’s ….and transformed it into a must click video for all those aspiring singers out there trying to get on idol.


My Steps!


Step 1.  I followed the directions on the X-Ray Goggles and dragged the yellow “activate,” tab to my bookmark tool bar.


Step 2.

I went on YouTube and found a couple of YouTube videos that I thought would easily trick people.  I thought the best videos for that would be performance videos so I found the following video below and took a screenshot of what the page looked like before hand.  (Credit:




Step 3:  I then activated X-Ray Goggles to change the page and instead of it being the worst American Idol Audition video ever from Nashville it turned into one of the best!



Step 4:

To make it even more believable I changed some of the related video links that were brought up along with the original “worst American idol,” search to give a more authentic look.

Things I did:

*I changed the number of views the video had to about 3 million more views then the original!

*I edited the titles of the results video links to say best auditions instead of worst.

*I also changed the number of likes to a different number

* I also edited the tag from “Nashville Worst Auditions,” to “The Best Auditions Ever.  Why didn’t these people make it, click to learn how!”








Step 5: I just had fun with this, the application of X-Ray Goggles itself was really entertaining, I can see myself using this in the future!


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