Internet Memories of Yester-Year

For this last daily create which I enjoyed over the last couple of days.   I answered the most recent daily create where we were asked to produce a blurb about our first official experience with the internet in one of the more involved capacities.  In the excerpt below:


Throwback…Sega Dreamcast

My first introduction with the web was when I had dial-up internet and the first system which allowed internet was introduced. This was the Sega Dreamcast. I remember creating my first e-mail address. My friends and I during that time figured out a way to play online games on Dreamcast. It was around 1999 or 2000. I was in about 10th grade. This was very innovative for the time because it was the first time a game console was combined with the internet.

It is amazing to see how technology has changed, now we all have the XBOX one and headsets to communicate with people across the globe. I would say this is my most memorable notion of the internet and when I really began to get involved with the web. Social media accounts really did come until way later down the road when I was in my mid 20s and with kids that I started using Facebook and Twitter. Those things did not become popular for me until later.


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