It’s Popeye’s Time Mash Up

It’s Popeye’s Time Mash-Up

This next mash-up assignment called for me to mash up two distinct things a local commercial/your favorite business and an odd song to go with it.  This assignment challenge was through the ds106 assignment bank through the assignment entitled Local Commerical Mash Up. This assignment was worth four stars.    I thought that mashing up a commercial with a food song that did not describe it in the least would add a comedic element to this mash-up.


Firstly, I added a video downloaded clip of the Popeye’s Tender N’ Tear commercial.   I then edited it into Windows Movie Maker  and added the downloaded mp3 song “It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Time” by the Buckwheat Boyz into my audio.  I then used the Windows Movie Maker movie template to label my video respectively thus giving me the following mash up commercial. Which I would say is pretty catchy.

Preston “Bodie” Broadus – Picture Reflection

For the next Wire assignment I made Bodie do a self reflection through a picture of himself.  The assignment was worth 3 1/2 stars.  Here is the original directions for the Looking at Yourself Assignment


I used the picture online editing software to edit on of his pictures.  The pictures is as follows:


Process & Meaning of Picture

The meaning of the above picture was something that I tried to reflect from Bodie’s point of view.  For example,  I always felt that Bodie was a deep character, he was always reflecting on his life.  This poignant point of  view is especially obvious as his character becomes more involved with the drug life he sort of loses himself.  The pixilation of his picture is also representative in the fact that he feels overshadowed by his older brother James’ death and more so the color contrast of the picture was changed to represent his own impending foreshadowing regarding his own mortaility.

Last Will and Testament of Bodie Broadus


Data of the Dead Assignment:  This  is a  last will and testament blog entry for The Wire character Bodie Broadus ….inspired by the ds106 assignment worth 3 stars 

Time: 9:09 p.m.

Will and Testament

Today is my  last day too live..   I have been thinking a lot about my brother James and what he may have thought about all that is going on in my life. 

Stringer sent me on a mission today….I set up shop around 5th avenue and the usual corner.  I put the boys up on what would be going down the usual bag, tag and deal with the local crack heads.

All of a sudden shots pop off and I end up dropping towards the ground. Nearby  I had seen a young girl and her baby…damn yo that baby couldn’t have been but 2 years old.   I look up to see the front of her white dress covered in blood….and to see her sobbing…it looked like the baby was shot in the head.   I think to myself this life is fucked up….I mean it’s all in the game yo right?  But some part of me just doesn’t sit well with me.  

I saw my brother James killed in cold blood.   I remember him lying face down in a pool of his own blood, with bullet holes riddled in of his shirt.  I don’t want that to be me.

I have a safety deposit box stashed in Baltimore with my local bank.  This online blog entry is to serve as my last will and testament.  I have at least $40,000 in this deposit box and I would like my grandmother to have this, I know it sounds crazy but this woman has raised me as her own since I was little…and I know that she would do right by me.

And in all honesty I want to be remembered as a man..not as some drug dealer because to be honest that is not my legacy.



Shadow of Mordor: Omar’s Revenge – Mash-Up


From the Inner Streets of Baltimore…To the Hilltops of the shire.    Middle Earth is in trouble and Frodo and his buddies have called in the big guns…they needed a hero but what they got was Omar.     I choose to alter the newest release for the Lord of the Rings Franchise:  Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

This assignment was taken from the mash-up entitled Video Game Cover Mash Up this assignment was worth 4 stars.   This is my Wire themed mash up.  I choose this video game cover because I felt it was representative of Omar and the lone wolf-esque type theme.  I thought it was befitting of Omar’s character because we often find him in these scenes/ set ups where he’s going all in and it’s sort of a mission impossible type of scheme.


Process :

For this process I used Microsoft paint and I combined two pictures with the main background being the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor cover.  I thought that the concept was unique thus giving it a genuine mash-up feeling.  I felt that never in a million years would you see The Wire’s character Omar in this fantasy world of dragons, orcs, elvs, wizards and warriors!

Double Dosage of Daily Create – My Own Creations

So I know that I am a late-bloomer on this but I was thinking about this for quite some time.


My first daily create suggestion happened to do with the category of drawing.   My suggestions was to “Draw Something You Bought Today,”  I suggested that this can be done using some type of software or by hand.  I then instructed those interested in completing the assignment to upload it with a dailycreate description to their Flickr or Tumbler.  Below is a sample of my own assignment.   I bought lunch from McDonald’s today so go figure!


daily creation_personal



The next daily create assignment I submitted was in regards to a Writing Assignment.  For this prompt I wrote a scary story prompt with a Character by the name of Joy.


I supplied the following link with a picture of  a “scary basement,”

Creative Commons Daily Create

I used the creative commons daily create and I choose a picture from Oct. 23rd entry, Found on the following page.


Today’s daily create required us to take a picture from the Creative Commons website, I felt inspired by the creative commons picture below.  I felt as always  a running theme or daily create keeps me going in the course and keeps me striving to make art when I least expect it…all the while watching others and trying to break molds myself!




daily create_light

The Wire Sweded with G.I. Joes

The Wire Sweded With G.I. Joe’s

So I thought about what would be a unique way to swede an episode of The Wire.  As student we were challenged to  Swede a Scene from the show The Wire.  I chose the Season 3 Episode 11 scene of Stringer Bells death.

This particular assignment was particularly challenging because I experienced some issues with Windows Movie maker and the video clips which I uploaded from my Samsung Galaxy Notebook phone which I used to film the different scenes.


I had to do several things,  however I utilized the program called Grab a Clip after I uploaded the video clips I wanted to use to YouTube.

I experienced some technical difficulties however I over came them (however that involved re deleting and downloaded and uploading until my eyeballs bled.  I had a lot of things going on like I got the exclamation point error of death in windows movie maker:


This occurs when their is some problem with the files.   I also have to keep trying to save my file over and over and over until finally after re uploading it and trying to save it as either an Android file or publish to YouTube directly I finally got it to save, THANK GOD!


For these materials I sued 3 G.I. Joe – esque figurines to which I decorated by cutting out a little trench coat and placing it on my “Joe,” which I dubbed the Omar – Little “Joe.”   Also I took a paper clip and twisted it around to make some glasses for my Bro. Mouzone “Joe,” which I then took one of my daughter’s ties and made a mini bow-tie.  I then cut out a shirt to which I labeled Stringer Bells name…all of this of course with the materials from the DOLLAR TREE cost me approximately $7.83.  Yes, what a budget.

After dressing and assembling them, I took some adhesive (hardwood floor ) large sticker and put it on the bottom of a box, I then created some stairs and used the back of the hardware paste to tape a blue print like decoration into my mini sound stage.  I had to film this in parts or else it would not work.  I decided to coin my video ” Prelude to Stringer Bell’s Death – Sweded with G.I. Joes”

thus giving me the finished product below:

Way Down in The Hole…Lotta Video! – Week 11-12 Summary

Way Down in the Hole-Lotta Video

Over a two week period, we were required to do  a plethora of video assignments totaling at least 16  stars worth!    We also were required to do at least two daily creates each.


The introductions which I had done this week included my two posts for a video assignment on

Daily Creates:

*Daily Creates Included my Parking Poet Lauret Blog -

In this blog I created my own poem about the woe’s of parking.

*My Internet Memories of Yester_Year blog in which I detailed my very first experiences with the internet overall.

My Other daily create included a Sound Map

This daily create caused me to be more aware of my surroundings and it was interesting to see the sounds I detailed on paper.


*The four assignments I did included the Return to the Silent Films Era Assignment worth 4 1/2 stars.

Which I detailed in my Child’s Play blog.  I used a horror film for this choice because it allowed me to respond better with more emotion being evoked from seeing something that is frightening by minus the sound.  I always say that one’s imagination could be your worst enemy in these cases.

*The Second assignment was the  Movie Trailer Mash-Up.  For this assignment I wanted it to be comedic.  I choose the old 80’s footloose dance compilation trailer and a dance scene with Terry Crews from the movie White Chicks.

foot                                                        white

I choose to play off of the concept of dance, and I choose one of the funniest scenes from the movie where actor Terry Crews has a dance monologue  in the movie White Chicks.

*The Third assignment was the Video Essay – for this Assignment I choose some of the earlier most impressions I got from The Wire.

Last but now least, I was instructed to do a Swede of the Wire which I took video from the Season 3, Episode 11, Death of Stringer Bell.

Overall Feelings for this week  I felt as if I was overwhelmed, I still had a lot of technical difficulties with  video editing especially when it came to using my own video in which I had uploaded.

I think that basis was to start early as I did not have any issues with any of my other videos except this last one.   I realize that one needs to be patient in addition,  I look forward to using all of my skills and attributes that I have acquired over these weeks for audio, visual, and video to add this to the creation of my final project for The Wire.

Memorable Scenes from The Wire – Vid Essay

Memorable Scenes from The Wire

The most recent assignment which was worth 4.5 starts required us to create  a Video Essay based on some scenes from The Wire.   The scenes which I chooses were related to the earlier Season 1 episodes because I thought that recording my most earliest impressions of the Wire as an introduction to the series was more notable.

I took some of the more highlighted scenes and I complied them into this small video.  I thought that the first impressions were the best.    I used Windows Movie Maker and Sound cloud to accomplish this assignment.  I uploaded various audio clips after compiling the scenes I wanted into Windows Movie Maker.


I then took the audio clips and copied and pasted them underneath the scenes in Windows Movie Maker.   Thus giving me the finished product.

Internet Memories of Yester-Year

For this last daily create which I enjoyed over the last couple of days.   I answered the most recent daily create where we were asked to produce a blurb about our first official experience with the internet in one of the more involved capacities.  In the excerpt below:


Throwback…Sega Dreamcast

My first introduction with the web was when I had dial-up internet and the first system which allowed internet was introduced. This was the Sega Dreamcast. I remember creating my first e-mail address. My friends and I during that time figured out a way to play online games on Dreamcast. It was around 1999 or 2000. I was in about 10th grade. This was very innovative for the time because it was the first time a game console was combined with the internet.

It is amazing to see how technology has changed, now we all have the XBOX one and headsets to communicate with people across the globe. I would say this is my most memorable notion of the internet and when I really began to get involved with the web. Social media accounts really did come until way later down the road when I was in my mid 20s and with kids that I started using Facebook and Twitter. Those things did not become popular for me until later.