An Inspirational Week

This week we were required to pay homage to those works of art that may have either been bypassed or overlooked by  you over your fellow students.

This week also was a time where we responded to one another radio shows.   The radio shows were an inspiration alone, the amount of talent which was showcased this week was phenomenal.   I managed to comment on several students who were apart of the Wire Buyers radio program:

radio show

In addition I also commented on the blogs of several people ,

*Lauren Brumfield – Blog on her Wire Banner

*Imran Ahmed – Dedication to His Mom

Meredith Fierro  – Aladdin Mash up

I also really appreciate the amount of comments I received from

feedback_week_9 fromm others who appreciate my work.

I believe that this week was essential for us as a class.  This also gave me the chance to comment on others work that I may not have had the liberty of seeing.   I really appreciate this week because it allowed us to take a step back and admire the work that has been produced in ds106 thus far. Great work everybody!

Radio Blog

The radio blog was one in which I responded to the team: The Wire Buyers in my

Wire Buyers Reflection Blog as always, @Green_Canoe is always responsive in dishing out the comments and responded to my blog (Thanks Kris for your feedback thus far this semester)   I really appreciate the effort which these guys took to develop a theme for a Radio show that was not traditional but went off the grid to produce something that was unique as well as creative. In all honesty, all the radio shows were up to par and I think everyone worked hard on theirs.

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