Closing Week 2 with “.GIFS” and Presents from Everybody!

                                               Weekly Summary Two: .GIFS and More .GIFS!       



This weeks assignments were intense.  The .daily create assignments brought out #wire106 course, for which we were required to create .GIFS.   There is nothing better then receiving a little creative nudge through these mini muse worthy assignments! It definitely  helped to keep the creative juices flowing.

This assignment required a mastering of several tools which for me included Windows Move Maker and the Streamline software.  Thus allowing me to finish all six of my ..GIFs (find them here) with a bang!



Daily Creates:

Were quite inspirational with my favorite daily create being the

sports mash up!  and I received feedback from the Professor in regards to the map post I did on Little Red Riding hood.


jon's map
jon’s map

These daily activities definitely helped to keep me on my toes and helped me to drive forward in respect to the creation of my .GIFS for the rest of the week.


Twitter and Other Social Media:

Despite my continued efforts to keep up with all of my accounts I was saddened to find that my Twitter account had also been hacked and taken over by twitter zombies!



So thus I have to say goodbye to @jonbraz2002and hello to @jbrazelt!  The one thing that I noticed about this week is the trying time management issue of keeping up with multiple social media pages and accounts.  I hope as the semester conintue’s I can learn to juggle these better as I become used to the formats.



I really enjoyed commenting on other people’s work such as @Quinterro and such others as @jessreingold.        

I noticed that there was a running theme and that most of my counterparts had also done a .GIF involving the “A king stays a king,” episode on the wire.


Hopes for Week 3:  I hope that week 3 is more productive if not more interesting.

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