I Cashed a Check in the Assignment Bank!

Weekly Summary #3 – The World of Assignment Banks


Weekly Assignments:

The weekly assignments were quite the task this week.   I thought long and hard about what I wanted to select from the Assignment bank and I ended up choosing a visual, web and writing assignment for my categories.

The first assignment I did through my blog entitled When YouTube Get’s Hacked!,   this assignment stemmed from the DS106 Assignment bank assignment YouTube It Your Way, with the use of XRay Goggles website mechanism that manages to trick or fool the savvy viewer of a web page that is step by step changed into something else.  This activity was very easy to manipulate and left me wanting more!  If I didn’t have to work a 50 hour work week this week I might have! However I got the job done nonetheless. The XRay Goggles app was new and it was something I had never been introduced to before.


The one night of the week that I was off I managed to binge watch The Wire all the way up to episode six “Prologue.”    I did the next assignment actually on episode six of what I watched which I will not try to spoil for you all…which I managed not to but I did use a visual (a foreshadowing) so to speak of what is to come for one of the most popular characters …Omar.   This assignment was a visual assignment where I had to use lyrics of a song to describe the picture.  I used the lyrics of the Season One Intro Song on the wire, and I then described why it was relevant through my blog entitled: Song For Your Soul.      This piece I found interesting because it was a creative piece which required a descriptive analysis of the show The Wire.

My last blog assignment was a writing assignment and for which I used to create my blog Joe The Clown & The Wire.  This assignment used a writing prompt provided through the assignment bank Role Playing assignment.


Daily Creates:

The daily creates were entertaining and caused me to use several of the social media websites we were required to register for such as Sound Cloud and Fllickr

The two daily creates I really enjoyed (I enjoyed all of them really,) however I really liked the Daily Create which required me to use a picture to represent my favorite number or mathematical equation.  For this assignment I choose


which I posted a picture of through my Flickr.


While I was just in time to hopefully help you by ending the week with a boost from


I got  a little bit more commentary which was good from my classmates:  CogDog a.k.a Alan Levine and also from the professor himself :)   This was important for me so that I knew somehow my work had effected someone in some shape or form whether that was making them laugh or just in fact sharing some creative energy.

In terms of other writing assignments, I also read the Web 2.0 pdf article by Bryan Alexander.   My blog article entitled Web 2.0 as Seen Through the Wire…I found this article fairly interesting as it pointed out a number of things about the effects of social media and the ways it causes us to be more interactive with stories shows i.e. The Wire etc.


Overall Feeling & Response:

This week I felt like I was doing a million things.   For instance I felt that I was juggling multiple things especially all of the social media websites we used this week.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kSS9t45eaU4/UQFJKhGt4fI/AAAAAAAAAjQ/Ql08Tomfmrw/s400/SocialMediaBalancingAct.png  I couldn’t help but feel like this!  However, I would have to say that the bottom line is it is important to have time management in doing these assignments.  Such as don’t wait until the last minute, and if you are waiting…your doing yourslef an injustice








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