Mashing up down to The Wire

This week, week 13 and 14 was chalk full of creative activities:

Daily Creates:

I really buckled down on the daily creates :

- I did an inspirational daily create with the creative commons which encouraged other to

-Break the Mold and to be different

- My next one I doubled dipped and per our requirement in the syllabus I created two Daily Create prompts and submitted them Double Dosage

My Last Daily Create was very fun as it required me to create my own

computer generated message.


daily create computer error

After all this was said and done, I did a few mash up assignments which totaled 8 1/2 stars.

– – For the It’s Popeyes Time Mash Up I wanted to mash-up a commercial with something that wouldn’t normally be paired with it.  I also got a few people who liked it big shout out to Syd and Imran.   I wanted to add some comedic elements to it.

– Second, for my Wire based mash-up assignment I choose the Video Game cover mash-up.  This I wanted it to be even more obvious that it was a mash-up.  So I created a world through the Video game cover where Omar Little from the Wire meets Middle Earth.


I then did two specific assignments form the Point of View of my character Preston Bodie Broadus:

The two assignments included a self reflection of the character through his eyes and a writing assignment where he had to create a digital will so to speak (I choose to do this as a blog entry).



The above reflective picture represents how Bodie may have seen himself as he was so entrenched in the street like he slowly started to loose himself which eventually contributed to his death.

The second assignment was a last will and testament for my character.

Bodie Broadus – Last Will and Testament

I didn’t think that my character would have had a last will and testament.  I also believe that if possible he would have blogged about it and archived it in a digital identity.

For these purposes I have also created a Twitter and Facebook character page.

-Twitter -

- Facebook

As far as commenting I did some this go around, it was cool to see how many other Ds106 people tried to bring out their character like Imran, Carmella

daily create computer error


whose chipmunk post was pretty hilarious.


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