Race to the Finish…Visuals Week

Racing Towards the Finish: Week 5 Reflection on Visuals

This weeks activities consisted of working through several visual assignments and elements.


The assignments for this week which I choose was

  • Looking At Yourself (3 1/2 stars)  which required me to use everyday items.  I enjoyed this assignment because it required me to think on my feet.  Since I was restricted to my house I used several of my household items.   In addition,  I thought about how I could represent myself accurately.  Luckily I was able to accomplish this because I have a lot of art in my house and little trinkets that represent me.  However I thought the most difficult thing about this assignment was finding items that have meaning.  Which I eventually was able to express through my blog: Self Portrait Through Everyday Items


  • Historical Selfie (3 1/2 Stars) – Which required me to choose a historical figure and create a selfie page using social media.  I choose Marie Antoinette because she was one of the most revered and hated figures during the self-revolution.  In terms of ego she also had several portraits painted in her likeness.  So in terms of ego I thought that she fit the bill nicely and worked well with my Marie Antoinette Selfie.



  • My next visual assignment which I tackled was the Apophenia Assignment (worth 3 stars) which required a use of the imagination to photo edit an inanimate object.  I choose the sun tan lotion bottle which I used for my kids over the summer.  Throughout this particular assignment I learned that not many items need be added to an item to personify it and make it into something that would appear to be more lifelike.
    Mr. Sun Tan lotion

    Time Management:

  • As always, time management is always an issue when trying to set aside time during the week between family, kids and work.  During the photo assignment this week was pretty heavy for me as far as work so I took the pictures for the assignments that I wanted to create throughout the week and then I created blogs for them.  This also helped with the use of the Photo Blitz Assignment which required us to take picture in the spur of the moment.

Twitter Tweet-Along

The tweet along I participated in on Thursday September 25, 2014 was actually very interesting.  Listening to the episode without sound was invigorating and I enjoyed interpreting each of the scenes with my colleagues and Professors.


Daily Creates

  • I enjoyed the daily creates because they required a little thinking outside the box this week as always. The first daily create I did was UnCropped Traffic Sign, I created this by combining the warning sign for deers ahead with a low clearance theme.


  • Second Assignment Zombie Jim Groom I had fun with creating an alternative image of our professor.  While at the same time I found a new website Zombiefication Tool.
Zombie_Jim Groom


I really enjoyed the comments this week, the feedback from Professor Bond on the daily create got me a new hashtag Zombie106 which I hope that will be used for future DS106 Zombie assignments.

As well as got me a “favorite” tweet from Ms. Cmitche21.



I enjoyed the photo blitz assignment because it was random and it  brought out the creative aspect in the assignment since you were confined to taking pictures in such a short time frame.  My photoblitz really caused me to think on my toes and helped me to create what I like to call Quick Art

Overall Feelings About Visuals:

The visual assignment aspect of this week was not bad at all.  I guess the item that I could have worked on better this week was time management.  I choose to take the pictures as I went throughout the week because I knew that I would have difficulty posting later as my work schedule was pretty topsy tervy this week however as Professor Groom said we are professionals and we get it done.  I am looking forward to further commenting as I look at my classmates work and continue to receive feedback from them.  I look forward to the weeks ahead as I am eager to see what other creative moments my DS106 course brings me.


  1. Jim Groom says:

    Excellent work this week, and you are right: we do get it done. The thing we all have to work on now is commenting, feedback, and a sense of presence that we are reading and looking at each others work, and reminding them as such. I need to model this better, and I’m gonna start here :)

    By the way, you’ve inspired me to try a historical selfie. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Dig in, because here comes design!

    • admin says:

      Yes the historical selfies were quite interesting, it was interesting seeing how to resurrect people and interpret them in a modern day context.

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