The Wire Business Segment & Summary

Firstly,  it was important that I create an icon for my Business Wire segment:  By using a poster of the final season of the wire I found The Wire Poster and a Business Icon.  

I wanted to overlap the two to create a wire Business Segment theme thus resulting in this.  This is also the cover for my sound cloud clip






The individual segment which I completed for my Radio show was entitled The Business Wire News segment.


There were various stages to this product and a lot of use of sound cloud! I had to records each clip individually then upload it to sound cloud.   Just take a look at the sample below:

sound shot

I found this easier as I had to rerecord certain audio clips that I had to then download and then add to audacity in order to edit this.


Once in audacity I toned down each clip with the amplify effect, by decreasing some of the feedback and volume.   There after, I clipped and highlighted each piece that would go best with the audio interviews that I wanted to simulate.

In doing so I recorded brief responses of me asking questions and acknowledging questions from the interviewees Stringer Bell and Frank Sobotka.


Stringer Bell:

For the Stringer Bell segment, I used clips between Stringer Bell and his economics Professor from Season 2, Episode 5 entitled “Undertow,” to simulate a phone conversation segment.

I also used several different clips from the first episode in Season 3 of The Wire for a segment on Stringer Bell’s responses in regards to his struggles with product.  I then pieced together my audio after listening to each clip to see where it better fit into the actual presentation in regards to how it played out on audio.

I also visited our old friend, Free Sound for the ringing of the telephone in this segment as well as the clicking sound (which I copied and posted twice) to simulate someone picking up the phone.

The sound of the professors voice picking up and saying “hello,” was actually something I recorded myself as I found that I had a hard time finding a little snippet of this.

I tried to make this news segment an urban yet informative one based on the thematic elements of The Wire.

I also used the Season 3 episode 5 audio from Stringer Bell discussing a union with prop Joe.

To hash out the dynamic between doing various business transactions with different characters from the show.

Frank Sobotka


The clips I used was of Frank Sobtka’s speech from The Wire  Season 2, episode 11 entitled “Bad Dreams,” when Frank gives his speech about how we used to Build Sh*t in this country.


I tried to think of a creative way to introduce this, and based on some of the frustration in his voice I decided to have this at the end of the segment as a frustrated caller who was calling in to add his comments in regards to production and business.


Commercials At the End:

Commercial #1- I became inspired to do a real estate commercial based on this weeks episode for Season 3, # 4 entitled Hamsterdam.

While searching for audio clips, I took a clear audio of the Police Chief saying the word Hamsterdam and there after I found a real estate clip by Zillow and edited that audio clip in there.

I thought to add a comedic element to this by editing in Teamster, as if it was some potential gem of real estate hidden in the city of Baltimore.


Commercial #2:

I recorded using sound cloud the mp3 and instrumental for Inner Circle’s “Bad Boys,” song.


I then took a clip of Officer Burrell’s “The God’s Will Not Save You,” quote from Season 3, Episode entitled “Dead Soldiers,” and I then recorded an audio clip that said, “Baltimore’s Finest, Taking IT One Day at a Time,” and modified it into a chipmunk voice.

I decided to put the audio clips at the end.  Thus giving me the entire Business Wire segment below.



Although I did not get to comment as much as I would have liked to, I saw several commercials by Imran on his blog that was especially exceptional. His blog Update #2 displayed an infomercial to stop gun violence.  I liked how he put it together with audio background from the wire and his choice of music by the Jon Legend theme was also appropriate.

wire -shot 3

I also some some other good work such as @Green_Canoe  and his blog Orlando Commercial which

was really creative and entertaining. Which I also commented on

wire-shot -4

Feelings On Assignment

This assignment required my third ear to be open, yes I said third ear not third eye.  It was important because I had to comb through a lot of audio as well as a significant amount of episodes.  I knew that I would have to pinpoint where things would go appropriately and it required an extensive involvement with the audacity software. Overall I wouldn’t mind working with it again, and I was overall satisfied with the overall product.

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