Tune Into My Weekly 4 Summary


     This weekly four summary was a solid introduction into the world of audio.   It was important to note how each audio assignment assisted us “audio virgins….”   to be coming avid sound editors and demonstrated the need to turn our audio into something better.

I learned through using such tools as Audacity Software, Freesound and utilizing our sound cloud accounts below to post such audio assignments as the assignment bank which encompassed the creation of my Ds106 Radio Bumper & Blog.     What assisted me in becoming more accustomed to audio was the forced usage of the Audacity Software to manipulate the various sounds use via the free sound website to compile my Sound Effects Story.

I enjoyed sharing my work with others via our class page as well as seeing others via my sound cloud retweet and download the audio clips that I had created.

What was especially inspiring however, was the Jen Ralston interviews

Jen Ralston- Sound Editor on The Wire and other prominent HBO miniseries’ and shows

conducted by Professor Groom and Professor Bond.

I felt as if my work above was influential on this interview.  Not only did she teach me that sounds need to be chosen carefully to get the full effect from the scene in terms of what is going on and audience….but that sound is not simply noise on the screen but it helps translate the mood, environment, dialogue and setting of a show/actors.

As we continue with our Wire106 course I hope that this intense week of audio has prepared me for our upcoming and impending radio assignments.

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