The Wire Initiations: Weekly Summary One



Interested…..I am definitely interested in seeing how this class pans out.


The Wire: My Intro into the Garden….


For the jist of this course it did not take me long to become acclimated to the show the wire itself….I have been a long time fan and have found the grittiness and street sense of the characters of the Wire intriguing overall.     My favorite being Omar….and the duality of the character overall not only because he comes off as one of the more hardcore gangsters on the show but also he doesn’t appear to be 2 dimensional there is obviously different sides to him in terms of the level of his street cred as well as his sexuality and how they would normally conflict and not be expected out of his particular character.

Also, the all around ambiance,  in terms of the Theme song I have always thought was interesting in terms of The Wire.

For example:

When you walk through the garden
You gotta watch your back
Well I beg your pardon
Walk the straight and narrow track…

I think that the lyrics to the song of the show, The Wire are important. They obliviously set the tone and theme of the “street life,” that many of the individuals live on a day to day basis.

Now….to the meat and potatoes of the week. ARGH!

The class…*lol …I was frustrated at first and honestly to hear about individuals doing audio introductions intimidates me a little bit.   I had a chance to set up all of my accounts:

  • Twitter
  • Sound Cloud  (This site I will need a little bit of tutelage with…I have never used this and will take some getting used to so please all, be patient with me.)
  • Vimeo -

This particular website I have never used…..I will have to think in the future and in terms of our class how to utilize those websites I am unfamiliar with to maximize my understanding and to communicate those as such through this class….

  • Flicker  In conjunction with this, I also created a Grava tar and I included my avatars picture and will update as the #DS106 course progresses.
  • Lastly, my blog that I will also be updating with periodic posts ….

Jon’s Wire Blog 2014 Fall Semester


Lastly,   overall between my kids and work…I just need to find a rhythm, as this week with having computer errors, of which Professor Groom so graciously helped me out via twitter in reconciling that I will eventually marry the websites together in unison making them flow and make a little bit more sense then I did this week.   Otherwise…I wish everyone luck as we delve deeper into the Baltimore street world and THE WIRE over all.


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